I’m Britton. I am the person who loved American history in high school.  My love of history has taken me to study at the college level and visit historic places around the country and world.  From these experiences, I have gained a deep appreciation and respect for preserving our past while looking toward the future. From our family trips to National Parks and historic cities where I sought out the architecture and historic design, to working with the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society, I have always been drawn to historic homes, architecture, and interior design.  I am excited about the opportunity to bring new life to the Glenn House through this historic restoration and renovation.

Places I’d like to visit? South Africa. I am passionate about wildlife conservation and want to experience the beauty of elephants and rhinos in the wild.

Favorite place to eat out in Atlanta? Victory Sandwich Bar. Right off the Atlanta Beltline and I can play my friends in ping pong.

Things I can’t live without? Family, adventure, books, and our golden’s Ruby, Hattie Mae, and Poppy.












Photo: Krys Alex