With views of the downtown Atlanta skyline, beautiful old trees and other historic homes, we can’t resist hanging out in the tower. At the end of a long week, it’s my favorite place to take a moment, breathe and remind myself just how incredible this project is. A year ago, we were finalizing our plans for the Urban Design Commission. The tower was just a drawing, but a beautiful one by our architect Windell Keith. Now that it’s rebuilt, I often wonder what the Glenn family used it for. Was it a sleeping porch? A place for them to sit and enjoy the warm Atlanta summers or a space for their children to play? Whatever the reason, it’s a space we will enjoy for years to come.


We’re in the process of ordering samples of reclaimed wood flooring for the tower and front porch. With Spring and warmer weather in view, it’ll be time to continue work on the exterior of the house. Maybe we’ll be hanging out up here in time for the Inman Park Festival, an annual neighborhood event complete with a tour of homes, festive parade, arts and crafts and more!

Have a happy weekend.

Photos by Krys Alex