Most of the windows were painted shut, some had cracks in the glass, the cotton sash cords were reduced to threads, and over half had been changed from the original two (panes) over two to six over six. Through all the layers of time (and paint), we didn’t expect to find any trace of decorative Victorian sash pulleys in these double-hung windows.

Once we removed all the sash pulley’s, we could tell there was more to them than just a cast-iron shell. A friend gave us an interesting tip to “cook” the sash pulleys in a thrift store Crock-Pot for a few hours. Something magical happened in that Crock-Pot. Out came these beautiful cast-iron sash pulleys with a light brass finish and flower design.

Scroll down to see before and after photos!

And after a little cleaning…

This week, our team is busy removing old wavy glass from the store windows we picked up a week ago in Statham, Georgia. We’re excited to reuse this glass in the Glenn House. Most of the original wavy glass had been removed when several windows were converted to six panes over six. Check out how wavy the glass is!

Have a happy day.