How would I describe the past week at the Glenn House? Unforgettable.

I had Monday, August 6 circled on my calendar for over two months. It was the day the Glenn House would return to its old self. The arches, balustrade, and ball and stick fretwork would finally make a comeback.

To be honest, prior to that Monday, I was not sure how it would all turn out. Could we really have reached this point in the project? After a year and a half of designing, building, and mocking up the front porch, it was time to bring the Glenn House back to life.

That Monday morning, I set up my tripod, GoPro, and phone to capture all the magical moments. Ten hours later, the front porch balustrade and arches were up. Our incredible team spent the entire day installing each piece, measuring every little detail, and soaking up this incredible experience. My mom and brother brought a cooler of drinks and a platter of cookies for the team, and we watched as the Glenn House transformed into the vision we had imagined since the beginning. From our architect to our builder and even passersby, we all took in this magical, unforgettable day.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this week. Next week, I will be diving into the design elements of the porch balustrade and ball and stick fretwork.


Front porch one day before arch installment

A section of the front porch balustrade

One of the front porch arches

Prepping for the first arch! From left to right: Rick (carpenter), Robin (master builder), and Mark

The first arch is installed!

Getting just the right spacing for the ball and stick fretwork

On to the fourth arch (total of eight full arches on the front porch)

Working on the front porch newel posts

Installing the center half arches that frame the front porch steps

And finally, a look at the the new (but old) Glenn House front porch!

View of the wraparound porch with arches and balustrade

A view of my favorite corner on the porch, where two arches meet perfectly

A view from the box head window in the library. We can’t wait for the round stained glass window to return.

We got some help from our drone friend to capture these moments from above

We saved a special place for last.

Yesterday, we installed the tower arch and balustrade. Stay tuned for a look this Monday!

Have a happy weekend.